Postcode Distance Calculator

Calculate the distance between UK postcodes.

Calculate the distance between UK postcodes

Calculate the approximate distance (in miles and kilometres) between two UK postcodes (use random examples) with the Robo Postcodes Distance Calculator:

How Our Distance Calculator Works

Our distance calculator is powered by comprehensive and up-to-date postcode data from respected sources like the Ordnance Survey and the Royal Mail. Simply enter your origin and destination postcodes into the provided fields, and our sophisticated algorithms calculate the approximate distance between these points. We give you the results in both miles and kilometres, offering the flexibility to use the measurement system that suits your requirements.

Benefits of the Robo Postcodes Distance Calculator

This tool provides a wealth of benefits to both businesses and private individuals. For companies in the logistics and delivery sectors, our distance calculator can be an invaluable aid in route planning and cost estimation. For individuals planning a road trip, moving house, or considering a long-distance relationship, it provides a handy way to gauge travel times and distances. For the tech-savvy and developers, our simple API allows you to integrate postcode distance calculations into your own software or services, bringing our functionality to your fingertips.

Accuracy and Data

At Robo Postcodes, we strive for the utmost accuracy in our distance calculations. Please be aware that the distances provided represent 'as-the-crow-flies' or straight-line distances. They don't account for actual road routes, diversions, or topographical features. The calculator uses the centroid, or the geometric centre, of the postcode area for its calculations. The accuracy of the data provided is directly dependent on the precision of these centroids as supplied by Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail.

We hope you find the Robo Postcodes Distance Calculator useful and intuitive. If you have any questions, require additional assistance, or would like to provide feedback on our service, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help. Developers who are interested in making use of our API should refer to our comprehensive API documentation for more information.