Reduce Abandoned Carts.
Fewer obstacles = Selling more.

Users abandon more than 65% of eCommerce orders during Checkout. Integrating the Robo Postcodes UK Postcode Lookup API means users enter their address details with less typing, meaning they reach the payment page quicker and without the usual frustration - Minimising shopping cart abandonment and delivering happier shoppers!

Improve Accuracy

Typing mistakes are an unfortunate fact of doing business, but when they cause failed deliveries, the cost is real. Eliminate data entry mistakes by enabling your users to look-up UK Postcodes.

Happier Customers = Better Reviews

A Robo Postcodes powered address input makes your B2C or B2B customer interactions more effective and enjoyable, ensuring positive feedback and repeat business.

Fewer Card Payment Declines

Address Verification System (AVS) checks often fail because of incorrectly entered address details. Eliminate address typos with Robo Postcodes and watch your card payment approval rates grow!

Control Panel Access

Administer your account and gain in-depth analytical information on your usage.

Accuracy & Speed

We aim to deliver 100% accurate results, as fast as possible, whilst providing full transparency over usage and control over the customer experience.

Deeper Insights

A Robo Postcodes integration not only provides a fantastic tool to streamline data entry, reduce mistakes, improve user experience and increase conversions; it also provides a vector via which you can gain a deep understanding of your business from a geographic perspective.


With JSON and XML APIs and flexible POST/GET methods, Robo Postcodes UK Postcode Lookup is compatible with e-commerce and CRM platforms, back-office systems and more.

Our APIs are compatible with: Shell (cURL, HttPie, Wget), JavaScript (Fetch, XMLHttpRequest, jQuery, Axios), Node (Native, Request, Unirest, Fetch, Axios), Python, Go, C, Obj-C, OCaml, C# (HttpClient, RestSharp), Java (AsyncHttp, NetHttp, OkHttp, Unirest), Http, Clojure, Kotlin, PHP (pecl, cURL), Powershell (WebRequest, RestMethod), R & Ruby.

  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • CRM Platforms
  • Custom Solutions